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Sachin Kumar

Jun 26, 2020

Merge two project javaDocs

Can we merge two project java doc ,that have same library and show via Javadoc Search Frame in single window.

Chris Han

Aug 5, 2015

Can't open

I have a problem using this extension: It's not pinned to my navigation bar automatically when I installed it from chrome web store(which I mean beside the address bar), I can't open this extension

Jason Nordwick

Jun 28, 2015

Local javadoc

My local API docs don't seem to trigger the extension. Works on remote


doesnt work:

Matt Ball

Apr 21, 2014

"Automatic Opening of Links" usability issue

The "Automatic Opening of Links" feature does not 100% work in Chrome Mac 35.0.1916.47 beta. When typing, the search input field loses focus as the JavaDoc is auto-loading, requiring me to re-focus on the field. This bug defeats the purpose of the option!

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