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Kaori Yagi

Mar 13, 2023

Stop working on Chrome and Edge.

I always recommended Japanese IO to Japanese learners of my class. However, the extension stopped working. I think it has been more than a month.

Rohrich Beau

Nov 23, 2022

it doesn't work.

I payed for a month, however I can't visit your homepage right now, and the program isn't working either. I'm dissatisfied with you.

Law Thirtyfour

Nov 29, 2019

Need to turn on each tim

It seems like the translations stops every time i go to a new page/tab. I need to click the icon every time before I can just mouse over things to see translations. Is this how it's supposed to work? If so i'd suggest an option to have it automatically go on.

Willwe So

Jul 31, 2019


No popup with English explanation any more.
Before that, popup works well on small browser window but failed on larger window (i.e. max window ).
All other extensions' inference are excluded.
Re-active Japanese IO doesn't help...

Hanako williams

Jun 7, 2019

Anki downloads

Hi, the app is not allowing me to download my starred words in anki format anymore - which I believe to be a key part of the app, stating that there is a server problem? Is it possible to get this fixed. Thank you so much.

Titia Kool

May 18, 2018

Text decoration

For some reason the app won't decorate japanese text anymore. It used to work before that time, but know I can't look up the kanji anymore

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