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Jay Cie (Bry)

Jun 25, 2018

Does Not Work

As mentioned by many others, trying to save a webpage to PDF or image just results in a blank page. Hello, anyone listening?

Darryl Brooks

Jun 4, 2018

Doesn't work

Based on all the complaints, it's clear that this product isn't getting any support. Deleting and moving on.

Jeff Meyers

Apr 12, 2018

Doesn't work

PDF's and Images don't download with any content.

Mary Leung

Jul 7, 2017

website required password

I could not convert my webpage to pdf by using your extension. May I know if it is because the website is protected by password?

Yuyang Huang

Feb 6, 2017

white page

I've tried around 10 times printing my page to an image. However when clicking download it shows a white page. It seems no one is maintaining this extension, right?

Dmitrii Nuzhin

May 18, 2016

Business proposal

I'm interested in your chrome extension .
I want to buy it with the transfer of your google account or without it which means the transfer of the chrome extension in my account.
I propose the price 750 $.
We can bargain if your users are active.

e-mail: Dmitrii


Nov 14, 2015

white pages

Most of times your extension returns a white empty page instead of the PDF it should

Edward Boswell

Apr 25, 2015


How am I supposed to use this app when after I chose it from the web store I can't find it.

I my be an older IBM retire but I am not dead, yet.

A Chrome Web Store user

Apr 21, 2015

Web page

I have saved a link-Chrome HTML document- 56.3 kb. May I ask you to please give me instructions on how to convert to a pdf format and what I should be selecting in the drop down boxes? Many thanks,

Samar Abidi

Jan 27, 2015

humble requests

this extension is almost close to one that i wanted (mix of printing a page as a PDF or an image... but it has limited options for both... i need

1) PDF - editing elements, print as PDF, etc.

2) image - a particular region, full page, etc.

and of cource let us download PDF or image directly rather than directing us to a website

only then this extension will deserve 5 stars

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