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Nikolaj Zander (WimVegas)

Jun 11, 2024

Vault Password Field not centered on screen

When I have to enter the vault password, the dialog is rendered half outside the screen.

Serge Paquin

Dec 20, 2023

Icons not rendering

I've notice a problem in some sites recently that a lot of graphics/icons in the pages UI don't render they are just squares. Finally decided to look into this and it seems it's the IT Glue plugin. If I disable the plugin then all the sites render perfectly, as soon as I turn on the plugin a bunch of the icons no longer load. I mainly see this in the admin panel of 3cx phone systems but see it on a few other sites as well.

Rob Woods

Aug 10, 2022

Unable to install

Trying to install IT Glue password extension for Chrome and I keep getting "Manifest is not valid JSON. Access denied." Help!

Emmanuel GUILLIN

Jun 8, 2022

letter Q

When typing the letter q, it opens IT glue. You should be able to remove this shortcut. But how to do it ?

Emmanuel GUILLIN

Jun 8, 2022

letter q

When typing the letter q, it opens IT glue. You should be able to remove this shortcut. But how to do it ?

Shawn Leininger

Feb 22, 2022

some pages continually move ITG auto complete and will not allow password entry

There seems to be a bug when the extension tries to determine which field needs to be filled in and it will not allow actual manual entry.

Wade Thrupp

Sep 23, 2021

Extension in private tabs

The extension no longer highlights selected fields in private tabs.

David Fulgham

Nov 8, 2020

Issues with some websites

We are having issues with the chrome extension interfering with login forms. Can you please add an option to disable the DOM manipulation, and strictly use the context menu for selecting credentials. I constantly have to disable the chrome add-on to log into some sites, then turn it on again, very frustrating, also very annoying the way it interferes with the look of the login form. Would be so much better as a context menu only option.

Jan Wilem Mauritz

Oct 15, 2020

Url Filter

I would be nice to exclude some site's or disable the icon for showing in the password field because when making passwords its is conflicting whit the Eye-conflict icon.

Aaron Harch

Feb 22, 2020

Extension causes website to not render properly.

With the extension enabled FA icons show up as a SQUARE rather than displaying the icon.

Viewing the console this error message is displayed:
Unchecked runtime.lastError: The message port closed before a response was received.

If you disable or remove the ITGlue extension then the error message disappears and icons display properly again.

This happens over multiple sites.

Google apps