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Sean BroccoliNov 17, 2023

I am now able to log in however this is extremely frustrating to use give the app\extension time out so quickly and require you to sign in again. It is incredibly cumbersome to have to do this multiple times per day given we are a MSP who have to access several hundreds of clients and have to use the MFA code every damn time!

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Joel WatsonSep 12, 2023

When in a remote session in a non-ITGlue tab (Chrome), certain keys bring up the ITGlue search box. Also, it is breaking sites that use FontAwesome for icons. Also, it doesn't remember what you searched for last. Each time to want to view something, you have to search. If you click outside of the extension and then back in, you have to search again.

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Justin FriezeJun 15, 2023

Love what it does, HATE how it works. My BIGGEST gripe (that I've raised on deaf ears via support), is that if you are in a remote session and hit "Q" it will bring up the search box. Yes, i get it, thats how hotkeys work. but it will bring it up *IN* the remote session. for example - I open CMD, and type "netdom query fsmo", it will type "netdom ", then pop up and type "uery fsmo" in the itg box. if you hit <ESC> it will clear out your entire command. this is SUPER annoying as i do migratio... Show more

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Thomas A. AndersonOct 5, 2022

Love this extension, but I would like an option to keep it on top and open, instead of closing once you click off the window and bring you back to the default screen. I use this for usernames and password and I often click off the window, so reopening and searching again is a bit painful.

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Nathan NichollsApr 27, 2022

This extension is a dumpster fire. Search is horrible, can't actually scroll if the info goes beyond the window and therefore can't access OTP for any site. It only somewhat reliably works on a single site I use a lot so I keep it for now (and with that I have to enter the user name for the search to actually bring up the right info). But this extension is a testament to IT Glue in general, so caveat emptor.

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Anton MarcellineFeb 11, 2022

Would be helpful if the ITG Extension populated website 2FA/MFA fields with the One-Time Password codes from IT Glue.

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Dustin TravisOct 5, 2021

This extension is super inconsistent. Some days I go to login and it says "Subdomain not found" (today's that day, lucky me!) yet other days it works fine with the same subdomain value being submitted. I am not changing anything. Simply trying at different times during the day or week gives me different results. PLEASE FIX THIS.

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Kevin CarbonaroFeb 26, 2021

It was working in the past, but recently having a lot of issues. The worst is that when it is enabled, most of the time, some websites (e.g. will load in half or part of the browser window. The other half/part is just white space. Confirmed it is this extension as when disabled, gmail would work fine without any issues. The other issue is when signing in. Most of the time it gets stuck at loading the search results and have to disable/enable the extension to reload it to get it w... Show more

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James WolfensteinOct 13, 2020

Sign in issues, search issues, saved credential watermark covers the show password button on most web pages, but most frustrating is that disabling auto fill...doesn't disable autofill. So you'll be working on a web page and save your changes only to find IT Glue decided some random field on the page matched saved info, auto filled, and now you've lost whatever information that was entered there. For a paid service that should be making these things easier, it's failing and I've uninstalled t... Show more

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Jason VanmuydenAug 12, 2020

When it works its ok. but recently it just keeps signing its self out, not a very good solution lots of bugs.

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