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Anthony LHT

Apr 28, 2021

No longer works on Instagram

Hi it was working great in Instagram but it's no longer working since 28 April 2021. All I get is the blue spinning logo and no image slideshow. However, it works on other websites though.

Wally H

Nov 11, 2020

Not working

Hi friend, your app is a must have, i used a lot of time ago, then stopped to workd and uninstalles but now i found again, but it seems to be ot working as used to.... does it work if i search for an image in google images and shows all the results in fullscreen? or no? if it does work... any workarround because it only shows me 1 pic and only once i select one on google image search results. Thanks in advance.

- Slinger -

Jun 17, 2020

Image dimensions

First off I want to express my happiness that this extension is back to working order as I love it! Thank you for making this, it is very much appreciated <3
- For my suggestion I was wondering if you could implement the option to show the dimensions of the displayed image.
I often use your program to look for desktop wallpapers and having the image dimensions would be ever so useful to determine if I need to look for a bigger version of an image.
All the best to you and yours.

William Wold

Apr 27, 2016

Stuck on Loading

Same here. whats up?

Lucian Maier

Apr 23, 2016

Not working with Google photos

It's stuck in loading screen... and I'm sad because of it :p

T Cox

Mar 19, 2016

Not Working

If you are no longer supporting the extension, let everyone know.

odwlodwl odwlodwl

Mar 18, 2016

Does not work with google image (or yahoo, yandex, ...)

Since few days, it does not work well anymore. Instead of 100 images, it is extracting 3 at most (and most of the time nothing).

Ron Turnbull

Mar 8, 2016


Are you still developing or supporting this extension? I thought this was supposed to work with Wikipedia, according to the specs. I believe it did at one time.

Yilmaz Durmaz

Aug 8, 2015

why dont you open facebook in normal mode?

I cant believe you are only displaying a message instead giving us a chance.
I really dont care if facebook needs special attention and/or breaks the program.
whatever your AGA finds it is still be enough for me.
SO, PLEASE stop giving a message about facebook, but instead open it as any other normal page.

Yilmaz Durmaz

Aug 8, 2015

AGA is taking too long and breaks itself

AGA is taking too long and there is no option to stop it.
your updates mention you have such a thing "*Added: Option to manually stop AGA scanning and start viewing images." but there is nothing like that in iSlide show page.

also if i close the page while AGA continues then iSlide wont start anymore unless i restart chrome and/or computer.

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