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4.4K ratings

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ArchangelMay 19, 2024

For me, the most important feature is two factor authentication in a password manager. I have been a longtime user but have gone elsewhere since this feature does not work anymore. Trying to activate brings up a screen asking to scan the QR code with your authentication app but no QR code is displayed. Wrote to customer service and they couldn't give me a time frame for it to be re-activated. This is a huge security hole that has not been available for months. You would think this would ... Show more

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Yaron DrorDeveloperMay 22, 2024

Hello! We apologize for the delay in QR code availability. As you might have heard from our support team, the service we previously used for generating QR codes was unavailable last month. As a company committed to privacy, we take extra care to thoroughly review our options before selecting a new provider. We're pleased to inform you that we have resolved this issue, and the update including the new QR code service will be available on our website this week. Thank you for your understanding!

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Arc IngMay 12, 2024

I use it in limited ways, mostly for the email substitutes it provides and it's fantastic at that job, I've used it for credit card masking a couple of time, it works well but it's a hassle. For passwords I prefer something that is focused on that (bitwa****) instead of a utility trying to do everything. I pay for premium about every other year when I remember.

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PROMEDUSA PTE LTD Backup accountMay 7, 2024

Fantastic app.... especially since it is FREE! I've had very few issues with it over the past 3 years, and when there is a problem, their customer service responds very quickly. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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Tim CoxMay 4, 2024

When it occasionally decides to work properly it is fine. Mostly it doesn't load the credentials properly and you have to go to the app and copy/paste out. More recently the address autofill has stopped working and despite recognising the fields doesn't fill them in. The Android app crashes about 50% of the time. Today I had to go to the Chrome extension to get it to log in and pull my details for a site, but clicking the extension did nothing and I had to open a tab directly. Not a big deal ... Show more

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Meredith Lane BrownMar 27, 2024

I like what it is supposed to do, but it sure is difficult to use. It keeps saving the password from one account with the username from another account, or both under the name of a completely different website. Very peculiar. Also duplicates my credit card info unnecessarily, and won't let me delete masked cards. In short, it just acts bizarrely at times.

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Mil OpMar 11, 2024

Not the same quality as Blur was.

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Janice AlostFeb 26, 2024

IronVest is a downgrade from Blur, harder to use. Also, for some reason, it wants me to put in financial info. Why? What for? Not gonna do it.

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Jeff LittleJan 6, 2024

This software has gone downhill since it was Blur. It is much harder to use now. It doesn't handle incorrect passwords well and you occasionally get locked out and there is no log in option. Even if you log in and access the password directly through the dropdown there is no way to replace a bad password. These people really need to try actually using this software as a user.

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Hiram LanderosDec 29, 2023

I been using for many years and it's been extremely helpful in managing my passwords across devices and freeing me of spam. Having access to temporary emails linked to my email, and being able to reply without exposing my real email is priceless. It's also very handy to manage all your browsing sites, with it's unique login, password and email.

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International English ServicesNov 22, 2023

It is worse since the name-change and various updates. Mobile app name/password transfer never worked well but now it is almost useless. Still getting adverts for biometrics and other features which I can't use in the Netherlands. We don't all live the US!!

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