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Apr 18, 2021

Open tab right next to the current tab you're on

I think a feature like this would be nice

Nathan Warner

Jul 20, 2017

Use POST, not GET.

POST has a flood limit, GET does not. I frequently hit the flood limit using this extension and get 403 banned from the site for several hours. The author has said there is no limit for POST requests.


Jul 4, 2016

Local image

Is it possible to modify it so that it works for local images opened in browser as well?
Many thanks.

Hitomaru Konpaku

Dec 30, 2015


Can you give it hotkey? It would be faster to search multi image.

Илиана Петрова

Nov 15, 2014

Not working with Pixiv

Not sure if it is a bug in the extension or it has something to do with Pixiv itself, but rightclicking on image in Pixiv doesn't bring up the extension as an option at all.. If I open the image in full view - it's there, but no option to search in IQDB in the right-click menu is present when checking the thumbnails (and that's actually the easiest/fastest way to search, 'cuz loading an image usually takes a while :c )

Claudio Gandra

Sep 29, 2014

Stopped working in Chrome version 39.0.2166.2 dev-m (64-bit)

AS the titel says: it does no longer work in this version of chrome. It's possible that it stopped working earlier than this version.

If removed from addons and then re-installed, it will work for the remainder of that session.

It's still "activated" and looks fine, but you never get the option to search when right-clicking.

Thanks for an awesome plugin, I reall would like to be able to use it again.

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