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alexander ticun

Oct 27, 2020

por que no se quita el tema negro

por que no se quita en tema negro

A Chrome Web Store user

Sep 8, 2017


i have had over 90 pcs, tablets and smartphones since january all new devices and every one of them have been taken over within minutes ive noticed lotsa strange things also theres some certificates associated with some accounts that i didnt put gthere and cannot remove under the "servers" tab also captive portal log ins code aurora on snmart devices , apache qbid or something also linux servers 63 different adminisrtaor users on brand new pcs and repaired units froom hp etc

A Chrome Web Store user

Sep 8, 2017


how is someone using my google accounts while im using it also cyberstalking me and harassing me? im on brand nwew chromebook and i am the onky user on all my devices and accounts pleasew help

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