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Eric James

Dec 7, 2023

Job says complete but nothing prints

I have chromebook with IPP CUPS setup on it. when I add the printer and do the check it says that the test passes. Then when I try to print, it says that the print job is complete but nothing comes out of the printer. The notification says that 3 pages are queued but 0 prints. I make sure the proper printer is selected from the extension as well.

Brian Sales

Jul 6, 2023

on chromebook

cant set up wifi BROTHER MFC-5895CW
will this device setup!

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Jul 4, 2023

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Angel Jones

Mar 6, 2023

Pairing printer

I am no dummy and this is not working at all. Been at it for two days...I need my printer to work with this chromebook! I hate this chromebook...0

Geri Paley

Jul 13, 2022

Canon MX472 Not Printing

I followed all of the instructions, and it says "pass - try printing", but when I print, it goes through saying it is sending to the printer and says it finished printing, but nothing printed.

David Schroeder

Aug 20, 2021

All printing and pdf saving is no longer available after clicking on IPP/CUPS

After clicking on IPP/CUPS, the print window is hung with the destination showing a moving blue circle wait signal. There is no apparent way to move on to pdf or the usual listing of printers. Cancel doses not help. Trying to print from other tabs does not work, showing the same blue circle as the destination. Rebooting the Asus C536E Chromebook does not help. Internet access appears to be working as usual. Printing availability may reset by itself eventually, but I don't know that.

Doreen Henrikson

Aug 1, 2021

cannot locate printer

I think I have loaded ipp/cups printing properly but cannot locate my printer. I have an Asus Chromebook flip and a Canon Pixma G3200.

David Crisp

Aug 1, 2021

Does not print

This is more of an FYI than request for help. My printer is a Canon MX492 & i am trying to print from a Lenovo Duet 10.1 chromebook. Here is the output for the compatibility check by the extension:

"Printer information

Printer make/model: Canon MX490 series
Printer state: idle
Accepting jobs: true
IPP server version: 1.1
Supports PDF natively: false
Supports PWG raster: true
Supports Postscript: false
Supports Unirast: true
Supports application/octet-stream: true
CUPS server: No
Compatability report: PASS Printer should be compatible - try printing"

Tried printing a web page and it reached 50% in sending to the printer and stopped. I've been pretty frustrated with trying to get this printer to work. I am generally proficient with tecchnical issues but not particularly happy or patient when I have to go through contortions to fix what should be a minor problem.

Edwin Jones

Jul 19, 2021

Who wrote this extension?

Hi there. I've had this extension installed for a long time and I was under the impression it was freeware by a single author. Now it says it's provided by - is this correct? Did the original author sell this extension and if so is the source code still available? Thanks, Edwin.

Brian Hall

Jul 8, 2021

Brother HL-1210W Series Printer Incompatibilty Problem

When I run the compatibility test it fails with " no PDF, PWG or octet support" although the printer settings report show both LPD and IPP are enabled.

Have you come across this problem with Brother printers and is there a known fix? The printer doesn't look as though it's able to have any setting changes made.


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