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fabrizio emer

Apr 21, 2020

mouse function

how is it possible to use the mouse to select links on a web page imported into the screen?

Amy Ray

Dec 18, 2019


When trying to calibrate I am seeing no red dots on the screen.

Diego Rivera

Apr 8, 2018

Wired Whiteboard!

Hey, what about the people who have wired whiteboard!

Tara Hutchens

Mar 14, 2018

multi page pdf

Is there a way to go through multiple pages of a pdf? When I open it, I can only view/manipulate/record the first page.

Christopher Fink

Jan 11, 2018


With the Chromebook version, are you able to import a jpeg and then write over the jpeg with this app?

Kathleen Decker

Oct 17, 2017

project to my Epson projector

How do I project to my project to my Epson projector?

Susan White

Apr 19, 2017


Does the whiteboard for chromebook have the same features as the mac and pc version? Can it work with the internet for example? I noticed that the Mac and PC version has an IW2 update.

William Ellis

Jan 20, 2017

wired whiteboard?

Will this work with the wired version of the interactive whiteboard?

Cory West

May 26, 2016

Extended Display

When using the Whiteboard app on a Chromebook in extended display mode the calibration screen defaults to the Chromebook and can not be moved over to the extended display.

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