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Khalid Anaiba

Jan 24, 2024

التحقق من دليل استكشاف الاخطاء واصلاحها

العنصر غير متوفر حاليا يرجى التحقق من دليل استكشاف الاخطاء واصلاحها

Hind kherraz

Nov 4, 2023


It's so nice 👍👍

Nicole Raymond

May 14, 2023

i cannot seem to use extension or access my account online or in app

is the site down or has something happened i cannot access at all, cloud flare says its down but i cannot find any other info

Shae Clark

Apr 15, 2023

Extension is not staying signed in

For some reason the extension won't stay signed in at all. It just keeps saying that I need to sign in. Unsure why all of a sudden I'm having this issue.

Phillip Adkins

Mar 4, 2022


How do I get the extension to download

dan smith

Oct 21, 2021

adding referral link fails silently if the URL is invalid

For instance, if you don't include a leading "https://", which Betterment doesn't when copying my referral link. The extension reported success, but the code was not added to my profile until I added it on the website and added the prefix.

Tabata Araújo (Taby)

Aug 21, 2021


Abrir no Extensão entrar usuario e senha está correto, mas não aparece nada ninguém.


Dec 26, 2020

Error 502 on the site.

I am having a lot of trouble viewing the site for more than 1 minute.
On the browser it shows error 502 while in the extension it does not show the referrals of other users nor its own account.

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