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Dintionte Zhang

Jul 26, 2023

Youtube 点击视频外面然后按空格会触发 2 倍速播放

Youtube 点开任意一个视频,然后鼠标点击视频外侧空白处,然后按一下空格键,就会触发视频两倍速播放。


该插件的设置中,我只打开了 "Show scrollbar when the mouse moves to the far right" 这个选项,其他都关闭了。

Blueness Wen (Blueness)

Jul 15, 2023



Michael Routh

Mar 21, 2023

search google for 'selected text' causes new tab to apear with extension

Whenever I right click and select "search google for 'selected text'" this extension freaks out and creates a new tab "chrome-extension://nphnhlhdlbonnekhjlmphinfnmekiifk/pages/scroll_bar.html" instead of just displaying the in page search on the right. I have to click the back arrow to return to the page I was searching from.

Max B.

Aug 6, 2022

completely hide scrollbar on the right

could you completely hide the scrollbar on the right? in my case a thin white line still remains, which is very visible on dark pages


Jun 27, 2022

Change the color of the scroll bar

I really love your addon and I've been using it ever since I first got my PC, but a change of color to the scrollbar happened today and it's now bright red. It's been really distracting and it defeats the whole purpose of hiding the scrollbar. I tried, but I couldn't find a setting for changing the scrollbar color (the option in the settings was only for the top progress bar). Please add a feature that can change its color or just revert it back to the gray color it once was.


Jun 22, 2022

This disables right click and selection

on, I cant select or copy anything when this extension is enabled.


Mar 6, 2022

Google Docs

Your extension is amazing. Thank you for making it.
Unfortunately it interferes with Google Docs and prevents me from writing. Can you please fix this or at the very least add a black list of sorts where I can add Docs so that the extension avoids it.

Also can you make the YouTube scrollbar go away? :D (I hate that thing so much)

Thank you!

Stan Mertens

Jun 6, 2021

Console output


Your plugin is great. As a developer I would greatly appreciate it if you could hide the console.log(); lines, so we have a clean console log.

Kind regards,
Stan Mertens

Vision Rio

Apr 30, 2021

Custom colors

首先,作者大大的“双击标记页面”这个功能很贴心,然后这次我想提一个建议就是:希望能够加上 可选择的 ”永久隐藏侧边滚动条”。 这个插件很喜欢,终于不用找网上的方法来隐藏滚动条。ヾ(◍°∇°◍)ノ゙

Pierre LeBaux

Jul 21, 2020

Custom colors

Please allow us to change the color of the scroll indicator (From red).

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