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Phil Davis

Mar 23, 2024

Am unlable to donload Internet Connection Monitor

1. While in Chrome (Version 123.0.6312.59 (Official Build) (arm64))
2. From the Internet Connection Montor site/page I click on "Add to Chrome"
3. About 4 seconds later I get the following error: "Download error: Image decode failed"
What am I doing wrong? Or what am I missing?


Mar 22, 2024

Different results on different PCs

Hi, I'm running your Internet Connection Log on two different PCs (one Windows 10, the other Windows 11). The Windows 10 machine is connected via Ethernet and the Windows 11 by Wi-Fi. Both are connected to the same local network. On the Ethernet PC I'm seeing multiple internet drops, often of only a second or two (but sometimes longer). However, my ISP claims they can't see these drops and the rest of our network usually (but not always) remains online. On the Wi-Fi PC it is not registering the drops at all - it's showing a 100% stable connection. I've tried temporarily connecting the Ethernet PC via Wi-Fi instead but it is still showing multiple drops. Each drop is reported as "No Internet connection. Wi-Fi/LAN OK". Is this likely to be a local problem with the Windows 10 PC, rather than an ISP issue? Thanks in anticipation.

Ismale mohammed

Mar 9, 2024

Free network

Free network anbllok

Toby Holda

Jan 30, 2024

Lost Connection Status Types

Hi! I'm just curious about the types of "lost connection" statuses. I see two frequently in my log. I'm thinking it can help me understand if there is an ISP issue or local network server issue. Either way, I just want to be sure that I understand what the second of the two statuses means.

One that I often see is: "No Internet connection. Wi-Fi/LAN OK"

The other is just: "No Internet connection"

I assume in the second case, the Wi-Fi/LAN is lost as well as the internet connection. Is that right?

Thank You!

katherine west

Nov 13, 2023

question on what is being measured on Latency chart on ICM

Thank you for the extension.

Still working out how to use it and wasn't able to find a manual or instructions since I am CLUEless on some pc stuff so if there is a basic dummies writeup, please let me know where to get it. Took me awhile forinstance to pull up the extension but it looks clear how to save reports. I wanted to put in my email for some setup or guide on this extension but not sure if this question is posted vice going straight in an email to the publisher so I didn't put my email in. Wish I knew how I was getting the response email or back to the extension website. Will find out.

Basically my question is what is the measurement on the left side of the Status Latency Chart? Is it Mbsp? I couldn't snip or copy the image here. I am going to complain really loudly to my ISP and the county that authorized the ISP but need to ensure I understand what I am reading so I don't make a simple mistake.

Best, Katherine West

Lloyd Goss

Sep 27, 2023

Downtime counter issue

After a connection loss and recovery, the downtime counter still counts while status is "online".

Johan Steller

Aug 23, 2023

Disparate "No internet" notifications on computers connected to the same router

We are experiencing poor internet connectivity from our ISP on multiple modem/routers.
I have 2 Macs connected to the same router, one by LAN the other by Wi-Fi.
When I compare the ICM logs of these 2 macs they show quite different "No internet" times and durations.
If it is an ISP problem how is this possible?
Hans Steller

Chris Ludwick

Aug 17, 2023

Count high-latency moments

Hi there - great extension!

I wanted to suggest that you add a counter for "high latency moments" -- technically internet connection is still active, but latency spikes high (e.g. 500ms) for 1-2 seconds, that manifests as poor connectivity. This shows up in the realtime monitoring but isn't summarized.

Thank you!

Roland Bernett

Jul 26, 2023

Ping time out

How long does the ping wait before it decides there is no internet connection?

If the testing interval is 3 seconds does this mean if the latency is more than 3 seconds ping will decide there is no internet connection?

Dwayne Letran

Jul 25, 2023

Customize/repeat internet down sound

Is it possible to make the internet down sound repetitive or customize it to a longer ringtone/alarm sound? Sometimes I miss the sound when I'm doing other stuff and I would like for it to be like an alarm/ringtone that keeps going on until I turn it off.

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