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Sanjay Patil

Jul 20, 2018

install for pc

in pc not run
Use the cass in the computer

A Chrome Web Store user

Nov 21, 2017


I suggest a translation feature.

A Chrome Web Store user

Nov 21, 2017

Preferred keyboard, showing only the ones I use often

The only missing feature, is to select preferred keyboard. I love so many keyboards, but it's hard without a selection.

vishal suresh babu

Oct 30, 2017


Can I type Malayalam with this app on my laptop ?

Awadhesh Maurya

Dec 30, 2015

Virtual Keyboard not pop-up

After adding to chromium, I am not getting virtual keyboard at all.

Stephen Courtney

Oct 4, 2015


I can't find any way to get the dakuten and handakuten characters for hiragana/katakana.

Also, like others have suggested, please make the default language setting changeable, or maybe have a favorites setting to only show your favorites.


Meiling Yang

Sep 21, 2015

Window display is completely blank

The extension on my Chromebook stopped to work all of a sudden; when run the window is blank. Remove from Chrome and install back does not help.

Davide Cantarella

Mar 14, 2015


great extension! it possible to add in the same button the "european" sound for hiragana symbol? (for example あ=A)

Ray Habibi

Feb 18, 2015

does not work!!

I downloaded and shows up fine on tool bar but fails to work only shows one blank page .....

A Chrome Web Store user

Oct 20, 2014

Backspace fail Thai KB

Backspace does not function on Thai keyboard on my Windows XP SP3.

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