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Jul 21, 2023

get better home screen

beautiful one

Leszek Cichoń

Nov 14, 2022

Dodawanie słowników

Jak mogę dodać słownik Diki jako podstawowy?

y yuyantiz

Sep 5, 2022


YOU HAVE MULTIPLE BUG ISSUES! Some a bit shady. I installed & somehow forced login into my account & then forced a sync. Your home page is also absolutely unresponsive with eternally responding:

"error, MySQL connection timedout!
Something has gone wrong.
We're working on to resolve the problem as soon as possible. Please try after 2 minutes"

Md.Shaikat Hasan Swapon

Apr 11, 2022

language type

May I know which language are you use in this dictionary?
American or British?
Thanks in advance.

Diana Verhulst

Jan 23, 2022

Can I change the voice?

The female voice on the extension is so nasal-y and strange. Any way I can change it? Haven't been able to figure it out yet. Otherwise appreciate the service. Thank you! Diana

javad ghavipanjeh

Jun 8, 2021

Constantly receiving an error: No results were found

Hi, I can't see the meaning of any word because just receive this error: No results were found.

Nikhil Bhagat

May 25, 2021

Improvement suggestions

I see that the extension has download history option which is in excel and it's great. My suggestion is it would have been awesome if that excel history contained the definition of the looked up words in concise way as it pops in bubble. It will be great help for someone learning new language or building vocabulary or preparing for exams. Thank you and your dictionary is better than google.

Alex Bewley

Mar 28, 2021

Complaint: implicit bias

I have a complaint to make about the definitions you are using. I am working for a client whose organisation is involved in charitable work with the Muslim community in Britain. I just noticed that when I highlight either the word "Muslim" or "Islamic" the definition that your app states for both words, in the adjective, is "of or relating to or supporting Islamism."

Firstly, this is simply and factually incorrect. I have checked the Oxford, Websters, and Collins English dictionaries, as well as, and none cite this as a definition. Secondly, of course they don't: Islamism is - and is commonly understood to be - a controversial and militant (in the political sense) ideological movement within the vastly differentiated schools of thought and beliefs of contemporary Islam, one that promotes a distinct political as well as religious goal and is overtly hostile to countervailing ideas within or without the Islamic faith.

Islamism is unequivocally NOT equivalent with Islam, nor is it's definition anywhere close to the definitions of the words Muslim or Islamic.

Collins online English Dictionary definition of Islamic:

Islamic means belonging or relating to Islam.

Collins online English Dictionary definition of Islamist:

1. supporting or advocating Islamic fundamentalism

The two definitions are clearly quite separate.(Same goes for Muslim if you look for the definition of this word in any dictionary.)

It is therefore incorrect and highly deleterious that you are defining this word as such, and it's also inflammatory and encouraging of prejudice against Muslims - painting all who belong to this vast diverse faith group as fundamentalists. Whoever has put this definition in your app is either ignorant, in receipt of implicit biases they need to check and you ought to check, or acting with bigoted and malicious intentions.

I will be removing your app from my extensions, and if I don't hear back from you on this I will continue to pursue the matter.

Sity Kunarisasi

Feb 19, 2021

Extention not founding in my desktop or Ipad

Hi, could you help me to installing the extension for my mac book air and Ipad? I dind't see aplication in my desktop or Ipad, thank you

Arafat Rahman

Jan 19, 2021

about language change

I can not translate the words into Bengali. Can I have an option like that?

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