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Zaki Shamsuddin

May 20, 2024

1000 rows

How to scrap more than 1000 rows?

Mayank Agrawal

May 8, 2024

Support for Link Navigation

Hi there,
Thanks for creating this awesome tool. I want to scrap data from a site, where I get a list with links to sub-pages with further information about the item. How can I set up the crawler, so that it goes to sub pages, collects data and add it to the data set?

ambiya parveen

Apr 23, 2024

Site problem

Add to Chrome icon is not showing


Apr 10, 2024

Not scraping Apollo more than 1 page without my assistance

I have heard great things about "Instant Data Scraper" and saw several use it on various YouTube videos. So I decided to try it. When I use it though to scrape Apollo, it only does one page at a time for me before it "stops crawling." At that time, I have to go to the next page of the list myself and then click "Start Crawling" for it to scrape the next 25. With a long list - this is annoying and time consuming. Is there something I am not doing right? If so, please let me know what to do differently. Or is this something that has been happening with others as well recently? If so, is it being fixed? Thanks!

Dev Enterprises

Apr 10, 2024



Fabiana Quaresma

Apr 5, 2024

Coluna do telefone

Não está raspando o numero do telefone. Como resolver?

Valerio Tarantini

Mar 28, 2024


Buonasera, quando faccio la ricerca per i lead da contattare non mi escono i numeri di telefono delle attività. Qualcuno sa come risolvere?

Kofil Uddin

Mar 23, 2024


Not work

Ryan Denny

Mar 21, 2024

Google Maps Reviews / Yelp

Previously the scraper was able to source the star rating from google maps reviews and yelp. Recently this has not been the case and star ratings are no longer captured. Can this please be reviewed?

Abdul Hannan

Mar 18, 2024

not work

not work

Google apps