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Henrik S Törnblom

Apr 3, 2016

Remove launcher

How do I remove the Inoreader launcher from the All apps view in Chrome os?

Avi Schwartz

Mar 8, 2016

Keeps crashing on Ubuntu Linux

Running in Chrome in "Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS" and it keeps crashing.

Mike Elgan

Nov 14, 2015

Nothing happened

I installed this in Chrome and literally nothing happened. It's not in my extensions, RSS feeds do not display.

John Daniel Javier

Nov 6, 2015

offine availability

u should add an option of making it offline

Sterling Beard

Oct 28, 2015

Create RSS feeds?

InoReader is better than ever, devs! I just want to commend the excellent work you've been doing. That said, I also want to ask for a feature request; while I do love the fact that InoReader will search for a page's RSS feed when you put the URL into the search bar, it'd be really nice if it would offer to create an ersatz RSS feed in case one couldn't be found. Right now I have to use the Page2RSS service to create one and it's kind of unwieldy to go through multiple steps to subscribe to one of those feeds. Any way you might be able to integrate that service?

Kim Ashcraft

Sep 29, 2015

Inappropriate Advertisements on right side bar.

Today 9/29/15, I have had inappropriate ads in the right side bar all day. I have tried reporting them via your link. They have not stopped. I am getting everything from what appears to be call girl services, hook-up services, and ads about about calling to speak with a "Hot Russian Girl's looking for love". I am so disappointed in your lack of monitoring what and what is advertising on your platform. If this issue is not corrected, I will remove your extension and let Chrome no the issue.

A Chrome Web Store user

May 18, 2015

nothing happens

nothing happens when I install the extension, no extension has been added to my list (I restarted chrome) even though the store says I have it installed. I cannot uninstall it since I don't really have it installed.

I use windows 7 64 bit, Chrome 41.0.


Vova Y

Mar 8, 2015


What a need to make it an extension if it only redirects me to your site?

Kelsey Tidwell

Oct 13, 2014


I've sent in feedback twice, and haven't received an answer. I'm suddenly (about a week now) receiving TONS of spam written in an oriental language and featuring pictures of oriental women.
First of all, I need this to stop. Secondly, why isn't there a way to mark articles as spam within the program??? To simply block an author would be nice too.

Sunder Thyagarajan

Aug 20, 2014


How to uninstall this from Chrome

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