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Jan 25, 2020

Customizability + no ad option

Needs to be more customizable- I don't use reddit so I'd like to remove that whole section, I much prefer having my new tab screen have a light theme to match the rest of the web, and so on. Would be good to bring out the notepad to the main screen rather than bury it in a tab. Would like the custom links to be a bit larger.

The ads are carbon so they're not completely tasteless but I'd like them gone anyway. I would be willing to pay for the ability.

Proper GH integration (using github personal access token or even a more official app connection method) would also be nice, you could provide notifications and live updates rather than rely on browser history.

Overall, a lot of potential, I've been looking for a dev-oriented new tab page like this for a long time- I've unfortunately had to rely on the default Chrome newtab bookmarks to drive my daily productivity as I have yet to find anything more capable (and the built in bookmarks suck). I would ask that before adding any new features, try to refine the experience a little- let us move/hide things, light theme, no ads, that's pretty much all I need before I'm ready to use it on a daily basis.

Marius Van Nieuwenhuyse

Nov 21, 2019

Don't work since a few days

Sorry but your extension isn't working right now

Daniele Del Giudice

Nov 20, 2019

Blank page

I've been unable to use Initab for a few days. Attempts to load the extension just show a blank page; this is the console output:

bundle.js:28 Deprecated: please use require("intro.js") directly, instead of the introJs method of the function
e.exports.introJs @ bundle.js:28

bundle.js:67 Uncaught ReferenceError: ShareButton is not defined
at t.value (bundle.js:67)
at t.value (bundle.js:67)
at t.<anonymous> (bundle.js:67)
at t.value (bundle.js:67)
at t.<anonymous> (bundle.js:67)
at t.value (bundle.js:67)
at t.<anonymous> (bundle.js:67)
at t.value (bundle.js:67)
at t.<anonymous> (bundle.js:67)
at t.value (bundle.js:67)

8bundle.js:11 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property '__reactInternalInstance$85b25ctr35y' of null
at Object.u [as getClosestInstanceFromNode] (bundle.js:11)
at r (bundle.js:67)
at i (bundle.js:67)
at r.perform (bundle.js:11)
at Object.batchedUpdates (bundle.js:28)
at Object.i [as batchedUpdates] (bundle.js:11)
at dispatchEvent (bundle.js:67)

I hope it will help you figure out what's happening. Thanks for your work on this handful extension!

Neel Shah

Jun 9, 2019

Adding multiple keywords for the history and subreddit feature

Is there a way to add multiple subreddit and keywords to search from.
I tried space and comma separated didn't work, anything else?

Btw, the idea is really great, loving it already!


Feb 7, 2019

Settings across multiple devices

Is there a way to have the settings copy across to multiple computers?

Jeroen Bouma

Jan 29, 2019

Love it but would like a few more customizations

I would really like it if we could alter the 'GitHub' window on the right with different platforms. For example I have times that my Stack overflow history is more relevant to me and therefore it is really beneficial if it can be placed on the right side instead of under 'Settings'.

Other than that, Initab is amazing!

Derek B

Jan 26, 2019

Added RSS feed

Be awesome to be able to add an RSS feed we use.

Rodrigo Abril

Dec 24, 2018

Issue while using it

I love your tab but it has a mayor issue o7
sometimes when opening a new tab with cmd+t some of my currently open tabs are closed...

I tried disabling (issue is gone) and reenabling the plugin (and the issue comes back)

Todor Pavlov

Nov 29, 2018

Feature Request: Adding custom links

Hi, The idea of this extention is good, but it would be even better if I can add custom liks to it. Without this it is not valuable enough for me to install it

A Chrome Web Store user

Nov 14, 2017

Github trending feed

I can't browse through repos that are specified as "Unknown Languages" if you were to look at page.

Also having small list of most popular keywords onto click would be nice touch.

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