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Maryam Mohammed

May 7, 2024

Limited access to profiles

Hi, I am unable to access more than 10 profiles per day, can this be solved?

Stream Touch

Mar 26, 2024

"Unlock extended data first"


I can't see the statistics details of influencers account, only their avg engagement, likes & comments. There's a padlock saying "Unlock extended data first", disabling me to see it.

Magnus Dalbø

Feb 26, 2024

I have trouble using upfluence.

When I try to use Upfluence, it keeps saying I have log in, but i can't create an account anywhere.

Courtney Goff

Feb 12, 2024

Can't login?

I've been using the extension for a year+ and now it wants me to login... but I don't have a login and there is no where to create one? Help?

Kari Lynn

Feb 11, 2024

"ADD TO CHROME" button/option/install unavailable on Galaxy S20orS21

"ADD TO CHROME" button/option/install unavailable on Galaxy S20orS21- the "ADD TO CHROME" button/option/install
is grayed out on the screen /uavailable. It's also giving me a red box error message saying "item currently unavailable ". I NEED THIS EXTENSION!! FOR BOTH MY PHONE- GALAXY S20 OR 21 & MY HP LAPTOP, PLEASE HELP!! Unless it's just not available or doesn't work on or with Android?! THANK YOU!!

Skin Planet

Sep 26, 2023

I can’t install the extension on my Google

I don’t understand why, I can’t install the influencer extensions, it says “checking” and there is no download... help!

Chani Chan

Jun 30, 2023



Gabriel Rojas

Mar 20, 2023

Como acceder correctamente

E sistema de entrada no es amigable

Gintaras Baubinas

Jan 17, 2023

Shorts shouldn't be considered into price

Hello, Upfluence plugin started to include Youtube shorts when calculating price, so the pricing is too high now. I suggest that YT Shorts won't be taking into consideration when suggesting a price per YT video

Beatriz Belintani

Oct 27, 2022

Relatório desatualizado (três publicações mais recentes)

Olá, por gentileza. No relatório, as "últimas três publicações" do meu perfil estão desatualizadas há muitos dias, já existem seis novas publicações no perfil, e no relatório ainda constam as antigas. O que fazer pra atualizar? Obrigada!

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