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สําฤทธิ์ ลีแก้ว

Jun 5, 2024



Tiago Emilio de Souza

Feb 21, 2024

Can I use this extension on Sidekick broser?

I installed the extension, but when I open a new tab, it stars the standard tab from sidekick, and I cant bypass that. Is there anyway to make it work?


Jan 22, 2024



Правильный Киндер

Dec 2, 2023

Размер иконок

Расширение топовое, но добавьте пж для кастомизации иконок, размеры 16:9 16:10 или другие размеры а то квадратные не очень хорошо смотрятся!

E. G.

Sep 21, 2023

White screen error

on launch, screen is fully white. Nothing can be clicked.


Jul 13, 2023

Icons not showing

Infinity tab stopped working. Everything I see is a white screen. Not even chrome default tab. Just white screen.

Dmitriy Basenko

Jul 10, 2023

Do not install

Invalid manifest

Jon Waldman

Jun 20, 2023

Verification Picture not loading

I'm unable to log into my account (with either email or Google account). The "forgot password" and "create new account" functions both require a "Verification Picture," which fails to load on both screens. Any ideas? The good news is that I have repaired my data today and can access my standard new tab links, which is a good stop-gap. Any help would be appreciated!

Ryan Helmrich

Jun 17, 2023

Bug with new version

Looks like a new version was released and my settings were gone. I was able to export from another computer and import into the new version. Issue is that single-signon with Google account times out, so unable to backup/restore to cloud. When trying to create an entirely new account the verification picture doesn't download to the browser to can't do that either.

Jaekib Gabriel DeGuillebeaux

Jun 17, 2023

All Icons gone

All of a sudden, all my icons - my whole arrangement - gone. Poof.
Replaced by what looks like a default install. Icons/shortcuts I did not arrange/configure

Other than importing a backup file (which I hope I have somewhere -but probably not up to date) - is there anyway to fix this?
As well - any explanation as to why suddenly this would happen?

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