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Ethan Lin

May 13, 2024

Translation engine error

Why is it that no matter what search engine I choose, when I click on search, it's always Google? This makes it difficult for me to search directly in the search bar of the tab without using VPN within China.

Kyulin Chen

Apr 27, 2024

this extensions has broken,how can i save my local setting and use it on next ver.?

this extensions suddenly has broken,how can i save my local setting and use it on next ver.?

Alexander Lüthje

Apr 11, 2024

stop with the chatgpt notification spam - I've seen it - I do NOT wish to use it

make the bloody thing go away! It's basically a pop-up advert

Julián Gutiérrez Pérez

Apr 10, 2024

Icono de Chat AI molesto

No hay forma de quitar el nuevo mensaje que aparece arriba a la derecha de CHAT AI

Troy W

Apr 9, 2024

Driving me crazy!

Ugh! How do I get rid of the new Infinity AI icon on Infinity New Tab Pro?

Philip Russ

Apr 9, 2024

Infinity AI

How do I remove the new Infinity AI icon on my Infinity New Tab Pro homepage? Extremely annoying!!!

Jim W

Feb 17, 2024

Infinity New Tab (Pro) (INT) issues with ARC browser

Unable to get INT to be the default tab when starting ARC. Whenever I set INT to "open in new tab page" it reverts back to "continue where you left off" after qutting ARC and relaunching. Any settings I should change or work arounds?

Seyam khan

Dec 29, 2023

log in via Google Error

I am experiencing difficulties while attempting to log in via Google. The following error has been encountered: {"timestamp":1703829734078,"code":1001,"message":"Unknown error","data":null}

Правильный Киндер

Dec 2, 2023


Расширение топовое, но добавьте пж для кастомизации иконок, размеры 16:9 16:10 или другие размеры а то квадратные не очень хорошо смотрятся!


Sep 12, 2023

Infinity New Tab Pro

Hello dear Dev team! Thank you so much for that wonderful new tab extension!
Here are some suggestions to improve it:
- Dark mode for "Tasks" and "Notes".
- Custom background for folders.
- Option to add a site tab to "infinity new tab" through context menu.
- Option to make auto site preview for a tab, not just to set an icon or a custom icon.
- Option to freeze (pin) specific tabs to prevent them from auto moving (or just disable auto moving).

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