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Jimmie Freeman

May 30, 2024

not showing all bookmarks in folder when it is set to default

I add a bookmark to the folder I have set as default but the new bookmark does not show even after reloading or new page or close and reopen chrome

Nicola Micheli

Mar 26, 2024

Remove Extensions

I remove extension but still menu with Extension Setting Incredible Startpage

Christen Madison

Dec 9, 2022

Adding apps

Is there a way to add apps to the startpage. Love this product by the way!!

Debbie H.

Apr 28, 2022

Update or Replacement extension?

I was going to add this extension until I noticed it hasn't been updated since March 2015. It has many good reviews but why haven't there been any updates in over 7 years?? Have you creaed a new/better extension to replace this one?

Tim Bowen

Jan 21, 2022

Incredible start page

I want to turn off "recently closed." How do I do that?

Megan Jones

Oct 31, 2021

Error; cannot use extension

This extension uninstalled recently (I don't know how). When I try to add it again, I get this error message: "Could not move extension directory into profile." Please advise. Thank you.
It works on other computers, but not on this macbook.

Jenő Soltész

Oct 29, 2021

Tegyétek vissza a teljes képernyőt. Igy nem látok semmit belőle. ire vlt ez jó?

Tegyétek vissza a teljes képernyőt. Igy nem látok semmit belőle. ire vot ez jó?

Rajarajan Rajamani

Oct 26, 2021

Icons on 'Most Visited' tab does not update

My 'most visited' tab has a few icons that seem to be stuck and do not go away even though its been a long time since I visited those sites. But not all are stuck as I do see changes frequently to the icon list.

Frank Ansari

Aug 5, 2021

No icons are shown when URLs are IP addresses

I noticed that in incredible start page when the URL is an IP address instead of a domain name no icon is shown for this bookmark. In the Chrome bookmarks I see the icon.

masa mori

Jul 8, 2021

My apps

I can't find the icons for Google keep and Google Drive in My apps, how can I add them?

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