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Amany Maximous

Mar 31, 2022

GIF With transparent background

I've exported the animation I've created in Indesign and specified the background as "None" but when I recorded the animation as GIF using in5 recorder, the GIF downloaded had white background not transparent.
Is there a way to achieve a GIF with transparent background?

Tony Downing

Sep 2, 2021

Cant see the chrome extension in the broswer after I install it

I have downloaded the in5 chrome extension but it is not showing in Chrome. I can see it as an extension in the manager but it is not visible in the browser. Any suggestions?

Amy Kitchen

Dec 4, 2020

in5 Gif Maker

I have watched the tutorial over and over, however in Indesign, I don't have the "Save and Export as in5" wizard from the drop down menu in Indesign. I did download the extension to Chrome, btw.

Debra Heiser

Nov 23, 2020

recording not working

The plugin is not working in chrome on my laptop. It starts recording the exported file from easy wizard export, but never finishes the recording.

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