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10 ratings

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Sara CurynskiMay 22, 2024

I cannot get the MP4 Gif Maker to work at all. When I save as a GIF, it has trouble with my animations. I want this to work but its not!

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Jenny Lynn WaldingNov 23, 2022

If you were looking to use this for display ads, keep searching. All my assets indexed came in less than 100k (with animations) via InDesign with in5 extension. As soon as I 'recorded' the gif, it was in the 1.5mb range... eons away from where it needs to be. No matter of trial and error, I could not get it anywhere near the 150k cap. I am not saying it's not a worthwhile extension into InDesign, but for display ads, it did not work for me.

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Jennifer ThomasNov 17, 2022

I can create the GIF, but the 'demo' watermark is still showing on the final saved version, so completely unusable.

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Justin PDeveloperNov 17, 2022

Hi, You need to purchase an in5 license and re-export with the licensed version to remove the watermarks.

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Debra HeiserDec 17, 2020

in5 gif maker creates a gif of 19MB! Unusable for email templates or social media. I cannot download the latest version in inDesign 2021. It takes me to a blank tab labeled “Untitled.” I cannot even save the 19MB version after using the in5 plugin in chrome (which I have removed and replaced twice). The “save” button does nothing and goes nowhere. No one available for immediate help, 1-3 business days. I'll have to recreate in photoshop. If this can't be resolved, definitely want a refund.

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Justin PDeveloperDec 23, 2020

Hi Debra, The size depends on several elements: 1) the pixel dimensions of your document, 2) the number of colors (photographic images make files much larger), and 3) the settings (esp. frame rate) and optimization used (which can cut the file size in half). These can be varied to get smaller file sizes. I believe someone got back to you by email on the same day, but please let us know over email if you need more assistance.

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Ivan MerckxApr 9, 2020

I made an Indesign file with animation. Exported with in5 as a banner. Openen in my browser, looks great, but then converted it with in5 animated GIF maker. The GIF file it generates looks awfull. I cannot use this ... I am working with the trial version of in5, just to discover it is usefull for me. Don't know this has something to do with the awfull conversion.

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Agata ŁyżnikApr 6, 2020

I cannot make it run either. I've allowed it on all sites and to access the URLs, but the extension is not allowing recording this far. Would be glad to get some help with it!

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Justin PDeveloperApr 9, 2020

Hi Agata, Contact us: We'll be very glad to help!

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_o_Ato-san_o_Jan 5, 2020

The same problem is happening to me its appearing in a gray shade and I fixed the problem by allowing it access to files URL but it seems as it still isnt working

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Justin PDeveloperJan 17, 2020

Hi Kelley, Please contact us. We'll be happy to take a look and see if we can help.

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Jane TessmanNov 1, 2019

The extension was a little glitchy for me. When I hit record, the animation started in the middle, and it didn't record to the very end. It also added a little flash of all the layers in my MSO that was set to disappear; this only showed up after hitting the record button and allowing the extension to do everything automatically. It played fine before recording. Here's the work-around I found to fix these issues -- which required some work in Photoshop later: Hit the record button, but then ... Show more

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Michael StopkaOct 16, 2019

It appears that the extension isnt working as followed by In5's tutorial. The extension is appearing as grayed-out after I perform the In5 export and open in default browser. Cant rate it yet because it isnt opening but I'm so eager to get it working... just offiially activated In5 today (I may be doing something wrong, but I believe I followed the tutorial exactly. On a mac, current Indesign, current In5 and current Chrome browser. I will provide an update if I get it to work. I notified ... Show more

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Justin PDeveloperOct 16, 2019

Happy we could both get it figured out! :-)

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