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Cristian Alves

May 22, 2024

Assinatura duplicada

Estou com 2 assinaturas ativas mas fiz apenas uma, quero a correção.

Cassandra Thiesen

Jul 10, 2023

Add knop

Ik krijg geen add knop te zien

Montiaudrey 2

May 3, 2023

L'extension ne s'affiche pas

Salut, je viens d'ajouter l'extension mais elle ne s'affiche toujours pas et je ne peux pas importer des articles

Tiffany S.

Dec 20, 2022

Cant See Add Sign

The red add sign wont show up when I try to add products to my store. Can you please help thanks


Dec 20, 2022

No Add button on Amazon

Hello,I have uninstalled the application and added it again and I still do not see the add button for Amazon. Are there any other fixes?


Dec 20, 2022

I can not import products from Aliexpress. No red add button

I have paid you and I can not add product to my site fix this fast..

Sahil Enterprises Digital Marketing Agency

Aug 16, 2022

I am unable to import my products

Unable to import prodeuct the import to your store orange button is not working

sony sam

Jul 18, 2022

Not all variants are available to download..

So not all the product variants are available to download on alibaba. this is the first time its happening


Mar 21, 2022

issues with app

chrome etx doesn't work properly .it's unable to import from overstock etc.

Rafael Dostry

Jan 22, 2022


Hi, I don´t get to download the product´s images anymore, I would like why. Thank´s

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