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Sheree “Red Panda” Brown

Sep 27, 2022

error again

I am disppointment same google chrome give that extension black screen

Sheree “Red Panda” Brown

Aug 30, 2022


I sick of you fix it alright now

Sheree “Red Panda” Brown

Sep 7, 2021


I got error you had fail to fix these problem

Sheree “Red Panda” Brown

Aug 11, 2021

problem with it never work

Why never fix it I don' twant this imgur are useless

Sheree “Red Panda” Brown

Jul 5, 2021

error again

please fix these error It not working

saus je

Jun 9, 2021

Unable to use account when linked to another service

Pressing the fb/twitter/google etc buttons won't do anything and thus makes it impossible to login with those type of accounts.

David Castelló Riesco

Nov 6, 2020

Can't connect to my account

I'm trying to connect, but happens anything. What can I do?

Shaun Cawley

Mar 11, 2020

Imgur extension no longer working

Recently my extension no longer seems to be able to connect with my account and will instead only load a black screen with the only options being the Option cog and delete all, Sign in will result in the loading bar continuing to move back and forth and nothing else.

Sheree “Red Panda” Brown

Aug 9, 2019

blank glitch

sonething went wrong there no image please fix it

Pavlo Kalach

Aug 6, 2019

daily client reqest exceeded error

i got daily client reqest exceeded error even if its first use in a day.

tried reinstall extension, but still have same error

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