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Nickolas Nikolic (nn)

Sep 19, 2013


Editing methods are not clear. May there be a tutorial built in?

A Matías Quezada

May 2, 2013

Measure box doesn't follow scroll

When I use the measure tool over a image and I scroll the image, the measure box keeps on it's place instead of following the image

How to reproduce

1. Open a image longer than the screen.
2. Using the measure tool create a box on the image.
3. Scroll the image

Andres Diaz

Apr 3, 2013


it looks awesome, would be nice to get the results of the measures copied to the clipboard after clicking.

The same for the rgb and hexadecimal numbers, if the result can get copied to the clipboard with the click it will save some time for the users.

everything is working very smooth, I like the UI

Andrés Gutiérrez

Mar 27, 2013


Hi, i've started to use the app.
I'll go listing here my observations

1- Ruler isn't clear. I would prefer a tool that let me draw the shape of the element i want to measure and tell me the w/h.

2- It would be great if i could zoom in the image.

For now these are my complains.

Great idea and tool. Sorry for my english :)

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