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Barush G

Apr 4, 2024

Search Sizer doesn't work.

Thanks, but for now it no longer works, will there be an update?


Mar 27, 2024

still not working

still not working


Feb 3, 2024

Does not work anymore

Image Search Sizer does not work anymore

Jurek Pazurek

Feb 3, 2024

Google Chrome

Image Search Sizer doesn't work.

Karan Singal

Jun 23, 2020

TOOLS --> option doesn't show on related images

when we search some image shows related images side wise.....when we click on related images....then this image sizer extensions does not work on & does not show the tools options in image shows page like original google image search...plz check this


Mar 4, 2020

Search results

All pictures in the picture results show image size, but when hovering over a picture the image size disappears. Like this:

Without the addon this is reversed, as it should be. Would be really glad this could be fixed in the Firefox addon. =)

Curtis Ling

Feb 5, 2020

ADD other missing options for sizes, types, and color

There's a few options still missing, and it would be AWESOME if you added them the extension to improve functionality.

It should only take you a few minutes to half an hour, but PLEASE help me!

The version with ISZ made it super easy for me to add back the options for color and type as well, but I've butted my head against a wall for hours trying to get my head around this 'new and improved' google images version and it's proving quite hard (I can't get it to work at all).

These are the options missing for color and type: FULL COLOR (useful for NOT b+w images), and the ones missing for type are Face and Photo, which are also SUPER helpful for locating specific shots instead of art, etc.

Soho Nogo

Jan 28, 2020

Not working as of late January 2020

It appears that this extension is no longer working, likely due to a change implemented by Google.

Would you take a look and see if you can replicate please?

Brian Grodzki

Dec 7, 2019

Extension has stopped working

Hello. The Image Search Sizer extension has abruptly stopped working on Google Chrome for me. I have tried removing and redownloading the extension, but it does not work. Please let me know if there are any other things that I can do to make this work

Jay R

Nov 7, 2019


Could you develop a tool that can auto run image search, upon release, of a drag cropped region of image ?

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