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Oct 20, 2023 compatibility

Does the app work with's URL search? If so, what's the setting to add it among the options?

Shafkat hasan

Aug 11, 2023

add yandex


Dec 7, 2022

New Background tab function appears not working properly

even with the option selected, it does not open background tab.

John Pravus

Dec 7, 2022

Google image search fails

Either the extension needs to be updated, or the docs for how to configure the extension to hand off to Google for image search needs to be updated.

Currently just comes up with an empty Google search page, without any reference to the image in question.

Андрей Сова

Nov 22, 2022

New background tab is not working

Whenever i choose "new tab" or "new background tab" the result of the search opens in new tab

James Burley

Nov 20, 2022

GIS is broken

Google image search option is broken, and seeing as how it was the second most useful option...


Nov 18, 2022

Google image not workingGoogle image not working

Google image not working

Fabian Rizq Nandaru

Nov 18, 2022

Google image search broken

Google image search broken.


Nov 15, 2022

some problems occured

the option of google image search seems to be corrupted, the others are fine as usaul

tommy ho

Nov 6, 2022

background tab for a search failed

I meet a issue today.
I have set new background tab for a search. But seem some of my PC not work properly for this function.
After re install the tools and chrome still cannot be fix.
How can I know what cause this problem?

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