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Amie Rich

Feb 15, 2021

Not All Images Loading

Okay so I'm having a problem where when I have a large number of tabs open, instead of the extension picking all of them like it used to, it only picks about 9 and then I get little empty (1 px high, avg size across) empty boxes for all the rest of the tabs. It used to show me all the picture thumbnails it was picking, even if there were 80+. I can't confirm that they're all being picked properly like this, and I'm afraid to download a large batch of corrupted images or something. Why did it stop working? Did I do something wrong?

Nanda mardas Saputra

Jan 28, 2021

file name

It used to work perfectly before but now whenever I tried to download, the downloaded images have random alpha numeric names, the rename function doesn't work either.

Jonathan Woodward

Jan 27, 2020

Context Menu

The Chrome Store description of the extension mentions context menu but I have not found a way to right click on a single image or group of images and access the extension. How would I do that?

Thanks in advance!

Juraj Chalany

Jan 2, 2019

How to download

And how is possible to download all images which are shown to my computer by one click? Thx

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