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WenJie Chen

Mar 25, 2024

I cant download image like before

analyze process can't recognize any image.


Dec 25, 2023

I am a developer too.

I want to ask that is this a open-source?
I guess it's not, because I wanted to do some changes with it, add some more features like one click download.

May be that's a good suggestion. Think about it. Thankyou!

Ray Satyr

Dec 5, 2023

Does not find any Image to download,

Programm does not work anymore...Does not find any Image to download,

jan ga

Nov 2, 2023

I always get download confirmation windows

Un-ticking the checkboxes

☐ Show download confirmation
☐ Show file renaming textbox

has no effect. The dialog boxes still appear for every image.

wolf blue

Oct 29, 2023

Does not shows images to download

Image downloader does not shows images, just poping out with image-icons and gray square box.

maybe this program does not read webp images i guess.

Жанна Андреева

Oct 27, 2023

параметры фото

добрый день. где мне настроить требования к фото. те фотки, которые скачиваю через ваше расширение не подходит по параметрамюТребования к фото
Мин. разрешение
900х1200 px
Качество сжатия
не ниже 85%
до 10 мб
до 30 шт.

Craig M Grant

Oct 25, 2023

re: No longer shows images to download.

Image downloader no longer shows or downloads images. The popup box appears but there are no images shown in the box. Just grey area.

Super plugin though.

Stream Lore

Oct 6, 2023

Feature Request

Please add an option to show the image resolution.

The Great Scott

Oct 5, 2023

Feature Request - Extend Search to emulate multiple tabs

I'd love to be able to send the app one URL further.
So all links on current page, instead of me having to open one by one in a tab and THEN use Image Downloader, simply does that step automatically for me.
- Page has 6 album links
- Image Downloader silently opens each album link
- Image Downloader then checks for images (and linked images from there too)
- List appears to refine choices or include/exlude each of the albums found


Sep 29, 2023

Better renaming options

Would be nice to have some options to transform the name from src to something like alt. Sometimes the actual name is mangled and alt is more informative.

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