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Project Patio

Aug 8, 2023

Shows higher file size in wrong format

Why does the extension report that my image is a JPEG and the file size is much higher than it is when I uploaded a WebP image with a smaller file size to my Shopify website?

Simon Brocklebank

Jun 8, 2022

Does not detect main image on webpage

Does not detect main image on webpage. Message says ... "No Image found at the given position! If there definitely is an image, please send me the page URL and a screenshot with the position of the image marked to, so I can try to reproduce and solve the problem. Thanks"

See big product image on on webpage -

(Detects other, smaller images in left-hand margin OK, it seems)

Вячеслав Лаврентьев

Apr 23, 2019

Really need to save url !!!

Image URLs will not be saved in metadata?

Bea Beltran

Aug 3, 2016


In a site with several pictures I can only use Image-Details in one picture. In any other picture all the details show "loading".

Jack Cohen

Nov 24, 2015

image name

any way to display on hover

Michael Ilushin

Oct 21, 2015

File date

I love your plugin!!
Can you also add the file date/time information?

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