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Valthirian Sunstrider

Jan 14, 2022

Password protection?

Could you update this extension so that it has the option to require a PIN in order to unlock the ability to change its settings? This is its only achilles heel as it can easily be changed by a child with one click. Otherwise, this extension is perfect and works very well. Thanks a lot!

Lisa Carpenter

Jul 15, 2020

URL-specific black/whitelisting?

I just started using this extension and I LOVE it! Thank you so much for creating it. It's a huge necessity & it works so much better than other filters.

My problem is that sometimes I would like to blacklist an entire site except for one page of it. For example, I'd like to blacklist images of my website host, but have images whitelisted in my personal editor of the website host.

Is it possible to blacklist or whitelist according to URL and not just according to the website? Thank you.

Moss Doerksen

Feb 4, 2018

Temporary unblock

Why, when you temporarily disable the image blocker, do the images only show for awhile and then disappear again? At least that is how it works on some sites. I would think the point of this plugin is to save bandwidth, so if the images have already been downloaded then keep showing them.

John Per

Oct 15, 2016


The whitelist and blacklist doesn't work. Also, if you have a single domain in any of these lists and then remove it, it will show up again when you close/open the "Options" dialog or enable/disable the extension.

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