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Cwispi Chiwibiff

May 25, 2024

why have you completely ruined IITC

This no longer works effectively on windows. Thanks, you nerds

Shamil Khapchaev

May 9, 2024

VPN + IITC = 403

Hi. I live in China and to use google services (including login to account and maps) i need vpn. It was ok before but about half year already there is problem with access to intel map. If vpn is on i've got 403 error (access denied). If vpn is off I can't access intel map at all. if vpn is on, IITC off - i can see normal intel site, but its very useless. so problem is VPN+IITC. Please check what the problem with vpn (i used different, the same results). Now i use OUTLINE and i use Vivaldi latest version.
Sometimes VPN+IITC work but i couldnt find reason why it's ok and why it's not. Hope you can fix it soon. IITC is really helpful for play. thx in advance.


May 23, 2023


Hi, I just switched to IITC CE and installed the button. I'm using Chrome on a MacBook. Now, although Reswue shows on the left of the screen I can't select a plan. I have one displayed on screen from before I switched and I can edit it but I can't remove it or change to another. Tried deleting and reinstalling Reswue but no joy

Anton Allen

Sep 21, 2022

Portal History

Thank you. This is by far the easiest way to install and use IITC.
The issue I'm having is with the portal history highlighter. I does not seem to be working for me on chrome on a mac. Everything else works perfectly though.

Michael Merino

May 29, 2022

This plugin shouldn't ask to read/modify all sites

By default, this plugin, "can read and change all your data in all websites." This is unnecessary. Instead, the plugin should limit itself to only those minimal sites it needs (e.g. Consider making that change for to enable this plugin to be used by more privacy conscious users.

Laurent Chauvin

Feb 9, 2022

Rename old plugin

I developed a plugin for IITC, but I decided to change his name. Now I have both names appearing in my list of plugins. How can I remove the old name from the list?

Jonny Eklund

Sep 2, 2021

Plugin failure

Seems like the program gets stuck when i installed 2 plugins. Had installed several before them and then i worked fine. Tried to remove them but they are still showing up in the screen

Cary Gordon

Aug 20, 2020

Appear to be failing to load today.

It was working fine yesterday but today I only seem to be loading vanilla Intel.

Christian M. (General Crime)

Dec 8, 2019

No Plugin Data

After installation i have no plugin data and when i add an external plugin is the same problem all vanilla iitc view

Андрей Докучаев

May 22, 2019

Plugins dont work

After choosing plugin (portal links, for example) nothing happens. Page reload has no effect. What should I do? Latest version of Chrome, Windows 10 64-bit, proxy.

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