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IG Email Extractor Tool can Export IG followers and following to Excel/CSV formats(include email and phone data) with one click.

🏆Best tool made for people who want to export IG leads (email & phone) into CSV. IG Email Scraper is a Chrome extension that automatically collects public email addresses from Instagram and exports them to Excel files. This tool aids in the expansion of business leads by scraping emails from followers, following, hashtags, likers, commenters, and even specific locations on Instagram. It features automatic elimination of duplicate emails and local storage for the extracted data, making it a safe and efficient tool for email marketing. 🖖 KEY FEATURES: Export IG emails and phones with one click. 🚗 DESCRIPTION Step by Step: 1.Enter a Instagram username/post URL/location URL 2.Click the export button ⛵️ SUPPORTED COLUMNS: user id email phone followers count followers number following number posts number city biography 🔎 HOW DOES IT WORK: Using Instagram's official API to export data. Free user can export the first 20 records. Paid users can export without limits. Only $9.9! 🔒 USAGE POLICY No password required. All the data you export is processed locally, so no one knows what you exported.

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