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Stuart Donaldson

May 8, 2024

The iCal file has an invalid format

When I right click on the link that would download my calendar event, and select the extension, I get the error iCal has an invalid format. There is no additional detail to help with troubleshooting, or to identify what is wrong with the file or if I am doing something incorrectly.

A potentially very useful app is just wasting bits... :-(

Mark Schneider

Jan 27, 2022

doesn't work

The extension is enabled (chrome>settings>extensions, slide to right.
I closed out of all chrome windows.
reopened, went to gmail, on the mail i have an attachment ICS file, with download. I right-clicked on the download link and there is no choice to add to calendar. What am I doing wrong? chrome version 97.0.4692.99 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Corentin Nedelec

Feb 22, 2021

Doesn't work from download

Hello, just wanted to report that the tool doesn't work if the ics file comes from download.
What I mean is that if for example I downloaded an event so it can be accessed from the download panel of chrome (CTRL + J), here when right clicking on my ics file, I have the possibility of adding it to my calendar with the dropdown menu and everything but the final step with the popup doesn't work.

If you need further details please ask me what you need!


Lan Trinh

Nov 27, 2020

Extension is greyed out

I've been using this extension for months but today, the extension is greyed out and when I click on an ICS file, I don't have the usual menu. Would be ever so grateful for some help.

Nathan Fletcher

Dec 27, 2019

Event Creation Failing

Extension installed correctly, appears to see all of my calendars, allows me to right click add...but then fails. This is the event:


May 31, 2019

"Add to calendar" option doesn't appear in the menu when I right-click an ics link.

"Add to calendar" option doesn't appear in the menu when I right-click an ics link.

A Chrome Web Store user

Dec 14, 2018

Can't create event

Says it can't create the event. Installed, permissioned, right-click to add. Saying it's importing then says it can't

A Chrome Web Store user

May 16, 2018

Event Creation Failing

Downloading an ics from and importing through the gcal settings window works, however the same event/ics fails using this extension. Right click, select calendar, then the popup appears at the bottom of the screen stating "importing event into 'mycalendar'...", followed by the message "Cant create event."

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