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Timo ten Berge

Aug 29, 2023

Autocorrect for Notes

Great App! But is it possible to have autocorrect for Notes?

I have dyslexia and It is annoying enough to read in general. Now I can't even read my own notes because I've written words wrong. That's just stupid.

So if it is possible… autocorrect for Notes plz?

Howell Ruehl

Aug 14, 2023


Is there a way to add iMessage to the iCloud? That would be SO cool! Thanks.

Fred Calm

Jul 20, 2023

Find My tile on the home page

It doesn't seem possible to move (or copy) the Find May tile out of the Apps tile and put it on the home page, at the same level as Notes or Photos. Am I missing something? If this is indeed a limitation, what's up with that?

</Fred Calm>

Luisa Burlas

Apr 25, 2023

Me debitaron mas que lo que costaba

Pedi un aumento de gigas para mi celular y ahora quiero cancelarlo pueden ayudarme?

Rivercove Residences

Jan 31, 2023

iCloud database

How or who do we contact to purchase or subscribe to your iCloud database storage package ? thank you

Carlos A. Martinez

Oct 8, 2021

Feedback - opening dashboard

Opening dashboard on empty new tabs. Thx!

Diana J Barbour

Sep 24, 2021

Can't get access to Icloud, yahoo

Trying to clear all settings from I Pad that I am returning . Tablet says That I am not. Connected to the server. Please direct me to server connection.


Aug 31, 2021




Jun 20, 2021

Notes sorting

Great app !
would it be possible to sort the notes alphabetically like on the phone?

Louise Blackwood

Feb 16, 2021


I lost all the pictures on my phone is there a way to get them from the cloud?

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