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hal teshi

May 23, 2023

chrome bookでicloud driveを使いたい。

icloud dashboardをイントールしたがクラウドマークが見つからない。どう操作するのですか?
Mac、iPhone 、iPad のデバイスではicloud共有できている。

Nilesh Patel

Sep 13, 2021

map type button in top right hand corner

Not allowing to change map type to hybrid or satellite in chrome, when the button is pressed, it just flashes the three selection and then goes away.

jean-claude Demeulemeester

Feb 25, 2021

vider Icloud

nettoyer Icloud

Mark Collier

Dec 26, 2020

i cloud how to find our pass wor if you forgot it

i cloud fing ut your old info if you forgoy it

Dan Davie

Aug 22, 2019

constantly opens on launch?


Absolutely love your plug in. Thank you! It launches a new tab every time I start chrome though. Any ideas?

Thanks again!


Sophie Poirier

Jun 18, 2019


La synchronisation ne se fait pas bien entre mon Iphone et mes contacts dans Icloud. Ce dernier n'affiche que des données partielles.

A Chrome Web Store user

Jul 17, 2018

Its Adware Junk

Its and Adware Addon, probably steals your apple ID.

Geoffrey Kolbe

Oct 15, 2015

pop-up advertizement

I kept getting pop-up adverts "brought to you by icloud dashboard" so I had to remove the app. I would welcome your comments on this

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