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Shawn Roloff

May 13, 2024

Trying to get Hypothesis approved for my district

We are trying to get Hypothesis approved for my district but we need your DPA uploaded to our system. Is there a way to get this done os our teachers can use your system next year?

Natalya Sysoeva

Feb 13, 2024

Problem with delete highlight

My colleague and I can't delete the selection (highlight): we try to click the "Delete" button, but nothing happen. The window froze. When we try to click the "Cancel" or "Close" button in this windows, nothing happens either.
Can you help us to fix the problem?

Joseph Dombo

Jan 21, 2024

Extension problems

Please I have a problem installing Google extension on my phone

Sergio Bossa

Nov 5, 2023

Chrome extension doesn't work anymore


I noticed in the last month or so the Chrome extension doesn't work most of the time: I click on it and nothing happens. No errors are registered either in the console.

Any help?

Matt Hodgman

Sep 3, 2023

Re: configuring Hypothesis for my course

My students keep telling me that they see a message on their end saying that they are not configured to use hypothesis within my asynchronous online writing course. The hypothesis content in my course was uploaded by a tech expert at my institution, not by myself. My students cannot perform the hypothesis related work for the course because they do not appear to have access to it. How can this be addressed? How and where am I able to grade my students' submitted Hypothesis assignments?

Dr. Matt Hodgman (Stevenson University)

Kimberly Bright

Aug 27, 2023

Very Confusing

I do not know how to navigate around your website its not giving me straight forward answers on how to download or what's the next steps in getting to the right answer with your software. I did sign up for hypothesis but it is very confusing to me on how to use it and what I am going to need it for.

Joshua Hightower

Jul 18, 2023

I know this is going to sound silly but how do I actually use this? .

I right-click on something I want to highlight but I see no option to do anything with the highlighted text. I am signed in to the extension. A step-by-step guide would be useful as I don't see any instructions. Like, what buttons do I hit to do what. Where does the information go when I highlight it and how do I access it?

R.N. Thorn

Jan 30, 2023

Annotated document

Is there any way to download my annotated/highlighted document where it will show all my edits? I click the download button for my document and it only gives me the non-edited document.

Colleen Powell

Jan 25, 2023

Trouble installing

A class I'm taking is using I can't get it installed on my Dell Windows 10 lap top. Help please,

Sriparna Saha

Dec 1, 2022

Notifications do not work

We use Hypothesis extensively for reviewing content on beta sites. It is super-useful. The only pain is that we need to inform the writer after we add comments to look at the comments. The notifications only work when someone replies to the comments. Is there a fix or setting to let the author notify when a comment is added?

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