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James Bendell

Jun 6, 2023


I use Gmail and am interested in your product. I clicked on the free trial tab. It led me through several pages until it got to Open and Account. It asked me for a url. I typed in my website's url (, it then would not let me use it because it was already taken. OF COURSE, IT'S MINE. Also I need to know if using Hypertype will take away my ability to respond to emails but instead writing its own answer. Also, as a lawyer, I need to have emails for one case saved in a place where all emails on that case are stored. Can you answer these questions.

Om So

Mar 22, 2023

cannot proceed with gmail login

please assist?


Mar 22, 2023

Why not gmail? - it is my business email!

I want to use with gmail, but it's rejecting it. How do I use it?

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