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a squared

Jan 28, 2024

cutting a few seconds off episodes after returning from commercials

It works great at fast forwarding ads, but it has been cutting a few seconds off episodes when they return from commercials

Cr Cook (Tube)

Jul 20, 2023

can it watch video in 1,5 speed but still fast forward thru comercials

would like to speed up videos also to a set speed

Wanisha Siripakdi

Apr 18, 2023

Stopped working

Hulu is able to detect the extension and the extension is no longer working. No adds will be played during this period, but a timer (as long as advertisements) is there instead with a statement to disable the ad-blocker. Tried other extensions and those worked, but it messed up the subtitles so I prefer this one.

Husayn Imrani

Apr 6, 2023

ad skipper

ad skipper has randomly stopped working; hulu now detects it


Mar 7, 2023

Awesome extension, worked wonderfully for over a year, now it doesn't work properly.

This is a great app and thank you so much for making this! Just today the extension stopped working as intended. It seems like it tries to fast forward but is slowed to what I assume is the original duration of the ads but only shows cut images of the adds without audio. I am assuming Hulu made an update that is countering the extension and we will likely need to wait for an update on your end to counter this counter. But just in case it may be an error on my end, I wanted to reach out. Any help is greatly appreciated!


Nov 26, 2022

Doesn't work how it use to

Your extension is a blessing, thank you for your work on this. If you can could you please try and get the extension back to the 3-5 second hulu ad skip record time if possible?


Oct 4, 2022

Was great until yesterday

Hi, I've been using your extension for awhile now, and it worked great! (And I left a five star review). Thanks. That said, it is no longer skipping ads on Hulu. I deleted your extension just now, and then added it again. Same problem. Any suggestions would be helpful.

Gator Fan

Oct 3, 2022

Hulu Error Code RUNUNK13

As of late September, the app no longer works reliably. After fast forwarding through the ads, an error page immediately shows up - Hulu Error Code RUNUNK13.

Developer, I hope you can provide an update to fix this. Your extension is awesome...when it was working properly! Thanks for all the hard work and please continue supporting this extension!

Lisa RCT

Sep 28, 2022

App not working reliably the past couple of days

Perhaps there has bee some change on the Hulu site because this app is no longer working as it has and had been allowing ads the past few days.

Gary Haag

May 15, 2022

Does not work when Chromecasting

I was just screaming from the web player but I was screen casting to a compatible TV in my room. Does not work at all when viewing on the casted screen. It will be a really awesome enhancement to add that capability though.

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