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Stan Ward

Aug 30, 2018

v11.1.31 not installing in Chrome 68

Version 68.0.3440.106 (Official Build) (64-bit)

It keeps asking me to install the latest version, at least v11.1.25 for support of Chrome 60+. I installed v11.1.31, but Chrome shows it as v11.1.25 - even that should be good enough, but I still get the warning. Why doesn't it report v11.1.31?

Mangipudi naga satya srikanth

Apr 27, 2018

version not supported

Im using 11.1.24 version for chrome 65x but still it is asking to doiwnload latest version. it was working fine earlier but for the last 2 days im facing the problem

Srinivas Thummala

Apr 18, 2018

IE VS chrome browser

is it possible to open httpwatch in bottom of chrome browser. Now it is opening in new tab.

But in IE browser it is showing in bottom of web page.

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