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Justin Jacot

Aug 4, 2023


Love this tool, very helpful. Looks like it stopped working fairly recently. Just writing to let you know it won't launch, in case you didn't know (mac os). If you're not planning on maintaining it anymore, please ignore this and thanks for the work in the past- it was definitely good while it lasted!

Daniel Jacobson

Feb 24, 2023

No longer supported

On linux I get the message you see in
but it still seems to open.

Neal McBurnett

Feb 26, 2019

Is it possible to get Chrome to render page contents based on the HAR file?

E.g. if I capture a browsing session in a HAR file, later on can I replay what I saw in the given window during the browsing session, e.g. for all responses received up to a given point in time?

Alexander Kolesnik

May 16, 2018

Page timeline issue

Hi Tim,

It appears the viewer does not show very important timing info. Please, check the screenshot:

Any chances to fix that?

Jim Weiler

Jun 16, 2017

How to start it?

I've installed the extension, it's active, but nowhere to be found in the browser toolbars or menus. Are you supposed to come to this web page and hit the green Launch App button to start the HAR viewer?

Sloane Sanitoa

Apr 10, 2017

Downloading offline

Is there a way to bypass the "This can only be added from the Chrome Web Store." for systems that have no network connectivity? I have generated the .CRX file using the developer tools but every time I try to drop it in the extensions page it pops up with that error.I even tried a Ctrl+O and tried to click on the .CRX file and it came up with another error: Apps, extensions, and user scripts cannot be added from this website (which is the chrome://extensions).

A Chrome Web Store user

Aug 1, 2016

Find or Filter will help much

Find or Filter will help much

David Buezas

Jun 19, 2016

open from the shell with params

to be able to open the app from the shell with the path of the har file as parameter would be very useful.

Thanks for the extension

Rachel Gillespie Lewis

Jun 18, 2016

plug in won't load

I am trying to pull up a picture of the campus map for my daughters band camp tomorrow. And it says can't load plugins?

Richard Hodgson

Apr 26, 2016

Any external services?

Does this rely on any external services to analyse the HAR data? I want to use it to analyse dumps from private, internal sites, but would rather it didn't send that data via an external service for privacy purposes.

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