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Jae Tea

Jan 9, 2022

I had to go to chrome://extensions/ and check "Allow access to file URLs" and now the arrow keys work

At first I had a problem watching a local file because the arrow key shortcuts did not work. I had to go to chrome://extensions/ and toggle the switch for "Allow access to file URLs" and now the arrow keys work. Thanks. Works great.

margaret rosita hector

Jul 26, 2021

Htlm5 youtube keyboard mapper

I do Really Like Your Extension i Mean how can i Not dam well knowing How very useful it is your Extension clearly is quite powerful now if only There was A way to Edit The buttons yourself customly or Just have it be Like this which is far way more Accurate up for up vol /down for Down volume Right aka Foward for Next/Forward video And backwards Left button for Back previous video.backspace for Seek backwards and plus+ button To go forward also to make it go Full screen/big screen you press shift to shift... it into full screen gotta have Buttons as near to each other certainly important ones as possible or in places where you can easily access in the night cant have them be scattered cant have them be Buttons you can see yourself using for typing it cant be Letters because you type with Letters even buttons

David Robinson

Jun 13, 2020


Hello, I am interested in this extension. Is it still supported and intended to function? I was unable to to make it function correctly?

David Robinson

Jun 5, 2020

Not functioning

None of the shortcut is working

Joey L

Mar 17, 2019

Not working anymore

It seems like it is not working anymore.

Media Master

Oct 22, 2018

Great extension - Suggest "White List" of desired sites for support

This extension works BEAUTIFULLY!!! Unfortunately though, I need it to, automatically, work on sites for which it is not currently enabled by default, and, possibly, disabled on other sites for which it may work, but have their own controls. My suggestion / request would be to provide the ability for a "white list" for a list of sites on which the user would like to have it enabled by default.

The reason for this ask, is that I have created (and am developing more) AutoHotkey scripts to run various mediastreaming sites (YouTubeTV, Netflix, Hulu, etc.) in Chrome Kiosk mode, launched from my Kodi-centric HTPCs, utilizing MCE remote controls, to provide a consistent environment.

In some cases, I have to do very little, when it comes to video playback, mostly handling navigation & selection, but, on some sites, I'm having to jump through hoops... and that could be resolved by the use of your extension.

Thanks for the all your hard work!

Ferhat Khalef

Aug 28, 2018




Jun 29, 2018

Shortcuts have stopped working

The shortcuts are no longer working. It seems you need to update your code now that Chrome has changed its HTML5 player.

Gary Wang

Jun 11, 2018

need update to compat with new chrome version

chrome has updated its html5 video player, so this extension needs update too

TheRay 123

Apr 21, 2018

force "show controls"

nice job with the extension,

but I have a small suggestion regarding controlling the videos ,
I believe that if force the extension to enable any video tag to show its controls then the extension will work automatically.

because I need to right-click on every video to select "show controls" and this defeat the idea of this extension which is shortcuts :D

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