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cowboy mike1976

Mar 15, 2016


it would not lert me edite the text

Plucky Puffpuff

May 14, 2015

Not banners/ written things.

basically can I draw pictures to do animations with. me and my younger brother are looking into doing an animation, like a Tv show kinda thing, and I'm trying to find an animation maker that i can use for that purpose, so, can I draw and do motion animations that way, or can I get the animations i make on the family tablet off of that and onto the computer.

dave evans

Apr 11, 2015

Embed into google slides

I really like the banner that I have created and I have embedded it into a webpage.

What I want to know is can I embed the banner into a Google slides presentation?

If the answer is no then are there any other online presentation tools that a banner can be embedded into?

minecraft/cow 1

Mar 30, 2015


i dont know how to do shit and it dosent work for me! :(

Daily Cyborg

Nov 21, 2014

not downloadable

i cant download it idk if itd the app or my account but iv logged out and back in and nothing works

A Chrome Web Store user

Aug 12, 2014

can't add image

When I try to add an image all seems to go well, I see the upload taking place but no image ever appears.

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