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Sal Belleci

Jan 2, 2023

. HP Network Check

When The Internet Goes Down I Click On HP Network Check I dont see anything Happening So I Just Restart PC or Restart Modem and its Ok

Beatah Awinja

Jul 30, 2022

not launching

not launching

Christine Smith

Apr 7, 2022

HP Connection Error extension

Where is the code that runs when you click the HP Network Check red button?

Jürg Hunziker

Oct 2, 2021

Externer Monitor

Ich habe eine externen Monitor ASUS ROC SWIFT PG278Q (2560x1440) angeschlossen. Leider wird der Bildschirm nicht richtig erkannt. Es wird mir nur eine Flachbildschirm mit eine Standardauflösung 640x480 angeboten. Gibt es dafür eine Lösung?

Jim Kessell

Sep 8, 2021

HP dv7 4177nf original wifi card

What was the original make and model for the wifi card that came with this unit ? i need to replace it with a card that is not white listed.

Colin Havercroft

Aug 31, 2021

Network connection to Backup NAS drive

For sometime I have used a 3TB NAS drive (U:) for backing up my PC on an ethernet connection. Suddenly it is no longer available. "U:\ is not accessible - The specified Network name is no longer available" and "An error occured while connecting U: to \\Seagate-410637\nas3tb1 Microsoft Windows Network: The local device name is already in use. This connection has not been restored"
Fearing my NAS drive had crashed I booted up my old Windows 7 PC and everything connected perfectly to the NAS drive.
I am suspecting that a Windows 10 update has caused this problem but I cannot find a solution. Any help would b appreciated as currently I am having to run manual backups to other devices.

B G V SR (B)

Aug 12, 2021

Chrome Extension of the HP Network Check Launcher

Do you have any idea why after many Uninstalls & Reinstalls I can't get your HP Network Check Launcher Chrome Extension to work on my Laptop. It's a 15-HP da0073ms 15" HP Laptop which never worked correctly from day one of Brand New Purchase however all the HP Technicians I've ever talked to told me it should work on this.

William Spivey

Jul 29, 2021

Connect printer to network said I am but I'm not

Any helpful information about this is appreciated

xristos karamanos

Apr 21, 2021


ξαφνικα δεν με αφηνει να χρησιμοποιησω τον τυπο καμερας του υπολογιστη για να κανω βιντεοκλησεις

Grandma Patti

Apr 19, 2021

connection error

Google Chrome cannot display the web page
Click the button

HP Network Check
An issue prevented Google Chrome from displaying the web page. Click the button to the left to launch HP Network Check to automatically diagnose and repair the issue.

About HP Network Check
Can automatically detect, diagnose and repair many common network issues
Integrated with Windows Network Diagnostics Framework, so it runs both automatically providing comprehensive network diagnostics
Provides clear instructions to resolve issues that cannot be fixed automatically
Shows key system and network information for easier troubleshooting

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