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HOW TO USE A BACK SHAVER There is no need to beat around the bust, as long as you are going in the right direction, shaving your back hair can be an easy task. To begin in earnest; • Select your setting First, know what setting you think will be best for you or will work out for you. For your first try at least, you will want to have some mirrors close to you so you can easily see and closely monitor all your moves with an eagle eye. Once you have developed more comfortable with the steps you have taken, supposing that you have a waterproof shaver, you can even move onto shaving in the shower. • Arrange your materials While your shaver will be the most important tool, you can also gain from using a few other products. Just as you would make use of natural beard soap to groom your facial hair, it can also help if you have shaving gel on hand to lower your chances or reduce to the barest minimum the incidence of witnessing skin irritation. Supposing that you are shaving in a bathroom, you will likely to have a big mirror in front and close to you, but a small one (mirror) may also be fine; like a hand-held mirror you can hold it at an angle as you shave. • Begin with your upper back For a good and simple shave, begin by shaving the upper parts of your back first before deciding to move further downward. • Shave your lower back As soon as you have finished shaving the upper area of your back, you can begin to shave the lower part of your backside. The long handle of the blade razor will be of great assistance for this. Furthermore, do not forget to replace your razor blades on a consistent basis as necessary, as this will make the shaving job much easier. Just as you would change the blades on whatever shaving device you make use for your beard, the blades for your back shaver also need to be observed closely and changed as well.

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