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Debra Langley

May 31, 2024


I used hoverify to donwload some assets. How do I find out where the images came from and usage rights?

Ryan Logan

May 14, 2024

Many Issues / Extension Not Usuable

Hi. I'm using version Hoverify 4.0.8 with Chrome 124.0.6367.203 (Official Build) (64-bit).

Inspector: Blocked/Cannot Access
Color Eyedropper: Doesn't Work
Assets: Blocked/Cannot Access
SEO: Blocked/Cannot Access
Capture: Blocked/Cannot Access
Site Stack: Doesn't Work

Damian Sochacki

Apr 19, 2024

How to disable keyboard shortcuts?

Keyboard shortcuts interfere with entering Polish characters on the keyboard. How to disable them?

Francois Gagne

Apr 18, 2024

Firefox version for Hoverify 4.0

Hi Himanshu,

I hope that you and your family and healthy and doing well.

I tried installing Hoverify 4.0 on Firefox but the Extension manager offer only version 3.0.83

Do you have a time frame for Firefox ?



Scott Cannon

Apr 17, 2024

last update responsive doesn't work properly

After last update everything slowed way down and was very janky. However, the most important feature for me appears to be actually foobarred. Responsive feature loads a new tab in the browser and then stops. Never shows responsive previews of the website. In addition, it appears to dramatically impact the performance of my web browser causing it to behave so badly that I've had to uninstall the plugin for now.

Richard Morgan

Apr 17, 2024

Password Reminder

Hi, kindly send me a password/licence key reminder as mine no longer works.
Thank you

Sylvain Kuntz

Apr 2, 2024

extension doesn't work

extension no longer works despite removal and reinstallation

Tuğba Öznal

Dec 7, 2022

License Key

I reset my computer and when I log into the app it asks for a license key. I think the email with the license key has been deleted. I also sent you an e-mail about it. Could you please resend my license key to me. Thank you from now.

Anthony Idi

Nov 2, 2022

mobile view inspect css

Hi I purchased lifetime access and had a question. Is there anyway to inspect while in the mobile views? I tried using chrome inspector with your inspect tool but it doesn't seem to work :/

Colin Murray

Oct 26, 2022

Hoverify license

Hello, I purchased Hoverify in 2020 or 2021 (can't recall which) and now I'm prompted for a license code, which I can't find anywhere. How can I find my license code?

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