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Vinita Tiwari

Feb 12, 2022


It doesn't work.

Tanisha Mittal

Jan 24, 2022

not generating url

even after granting all permissions , the extension is not working

Swathi Yerabolu

Sep 9, 2021

Not working anymore

The extension used to work before, nowadays its not working at all


Jul 22, 2021

Its not working

Firstly clicking on it is not giving party option gives bunch of weird options. then u have to disable and re-enable the extension, then it will get stuck on generating party URL and it never resolves. pls fix


Jun 26, 2021

Not working

it is redirecting to this page. Extension not working

Ankitesh Samantaray

Jun 14, 2021

Not working

The extension is not functional.

Suhruth Simha

Jun 12, 2021

URL not generating

It not working

Claudia Fernandes

May 12, 2021

Url not getting generated

The url is not getting generated at all

Adwait Kulkarni

Apr 7, 2021

doesnt wor

Hotstar party does not create URL

Jithin Mathew George

Feb 5, 2021

doesn't work

The hotstart party doesn't work
It doesn't generate the chat option when i share the option with the other viewer

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